Become a member

The current annual fee for Full Membership is $486 which includes an affiliation fee to Croquet NSW. Fees may be paid in quarterly instalments, if preferred.
Other categories of membership are available on enquiry.

No need to sign up immediately, come and watch a game or two, contact us, then come along and have a go!

If you’re ready to join contact Kerry Paske by either phone 02 4869 5881 or email to gain access to Application Forms and Playing Policies.


Visitors to the club are also welcome and will pay $10 for one half day session. More detailed information can be given on enquiry or found in the Playing Policies which Kerry Paske can provide.

Age is no barrier to playing croquet. The age range of players in the Southern Highlands Croquet Club is mid 60s to mid 90s.


Initally croquet mallets can be borrowed from the club, free of charge, for 3 months after joining the club. New players are advised not to buy their own until they have become accustomed to the game.

Having familiarised themselves with the various models available members will be expected to purchase their own. Prices start from under $300. The clubs Mallet Officer will be able to advise you.

When selecting a mallet the three main options to consider are overall length and weight and type of shaft.